Disaster Preparedness and Resiliency of the Local Government Unit of Compostela

Lilybeth M. Matunhay


Constant typhoons and floods have exposed the vulnerability of the disaster risk and reduction management of local government units and such untold miseries are an inescapable effect of ill-preparedness. While disaster cannot be prevented, measures can be taken to reduce the possibility of trouble. Data from the Office of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) revealed that in 2014, the Municipality of Compostela has been awarded the “Seal of Disaster Preparedness” (SDP) on flood. Thus, this captures the interest of the researcher to determine indicators of the local government unit’s disaster preparedness that predict disaster resiliency to the major natural disasters occurring in the Municipality of Compostela for the last five years which include flooding and typhoon. This study employed the descriptive correlation design as the overall scheme in the conduct of the study. Specifically, Regression Analysis was utilized using disaster resiliency as the outcome variable and disaster preparedness in terms of technical competency, community awareness, and contingency planning as predictors. Results reveal that technical competency and community awareness significantly influence LGU’s resiliency towards flooding while technical competency, community awareness, and contingency planning significantly influence LGU’s resiliency towards typhoon.


Disaster preparedness; disaster resiliency; Regression Analysis; Philippines.

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