Study on Performance of Road Signs and Markings along TANZAM Highway in Mbeya Region, Tanzania

Duwa Hamisi Chengula


Road users require information in order to complete their journey safely, legally and efficiently. As such, variety of traffic signs and markings are provided to advice drivers on legal restrictions, identify potential hazardous and guide them towards their destinations. Because of important information provided to road users through road signs and markings, there is a need for appropriate signs and markings planning, designing and implementation programs such as regular maintenance and replacements of traffic signs and markings. The inventory of road signs and marking from Uyole to Iyunga along TANZAM highway was conducted. The performance of road signs and markings were determined based on preset factors used to assess the signs and marking conditions. The study investigated that the average performance index of road signs from Uyole to Iyunga is 2.96 (59.2%) which indicated good condition. The condition of roads signs could increase to very good if the signs were free from obstruction of tree brunches. For the case of road marking the average performance index is 1.19 (23.8%) which indicated fair condition. The performance was less than 50% which demand immediate maintenance and replacements. The conditions of road markings were characterized with poor reflectivity, missing road marking and faint edge and center pavement lines. In order to increase visibility and reflectivity of road signs and markings for the case of this study it is recommended to have a plan by road agency for regular cleaning of the signs board and covered markings by mud/dust. But also in order to increase safety to road users, reduce delays, improve comfort and confidence to drivers it is important to install the missing signs, replace knocked down signs and worn out markings and improve night time retroreflectivity of road sign and marking along TANZAM highway.


TANZAM highway; road signs; road markings; Performance class; Performance index.

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