An Effective Scheme to Detect and Prevent Tampering on the Physical Layer of WSN

Mbeng Atemson Enow


This experiment “Using a Pressure (smart) wireless sensor to Detect and Prevent Tampering on the Physical Layer of WSN”, has as main purpose to show how smart sensors especially pressure sensors can be used to detect attacks on the physical layer of wireless sensors network. This is to prevent tampering and possible intrusion on the physical layer. We build a device to mimic a smart meter or a wireless sensor device and to it we add a pressure sensor and an Arduino motherboard to interpret and execute instructions. The information or readings collected from the sensor will indicate if the device has been tampered or not. (This can be observed from a change in pressure state from high to low). This change in pressure level from high to low will indicate the level and degree to which the smart wireless device has been tampered. We can therefore conveniently conclude depending on pressure level that the use of smart pressure sensors can effectively detect tampering in the physical layer of WSN.  


Tampering; FSR; Physical Layer; WSN; Arduino; Security; Attacks and Detection; PCA.

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