Fetal Stress, Inflammatory Marker and Childhood Asthma

Bakhtadze Tamar, Nemsadze Ketevan, Kiknadze Nino, Beridze Vakhtang, Mindiashvili Marine, Takidze Veriko


Background: Asthma research has focused on postnatal exposures, but there is recent evidence to indicate immune responses might be initiated in fetal period. Systemic Inflammatory processes during pregnancy might affect fetal lung development that could increase propensity in the child to develop lung diseases.

Objective: To identify the association of C-reactive protein (CRP) levels in Pregnant (with stress in second trimester), newborn blood samples (cord blood) with childhood wheezing.

Methods: Serum CRP concentrations (Turbidimetric method) were measured in maternal blood on the 13-17 weeks of gestation in 32 pregnant women and in the newborn  cord blood after delivery. During1 year the frequency of wheezing diseases evaluated by the International Study on Asthma and Allergy in Childhood (ISAAC). Results: Maternal C-reactive protein was associated with the wheezing and lower respiratory tract infections r=.413*; - p=0.019. Compared to children with cord blood C-reactive protein high level had increased risks of wheezing, r=572;  p=0.001

Conclusion: Our results suggest that elevated maternal and Cord blood CRP levels are associated with wheezing and lower respiratory tract infections in the first  years and predictive  asthma young in life.


Fetal stress; CRP; Childhood asthma.

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