Interpersonal Interactions and Therapeutic Intervention as Nursing Caring Implementation and its Correlation with Patient Satisfaction

Hartati Hartati, Nuraeni Mustari, Masdiana AR, Maryati Tombokan, Muhasidah Muhasidah


This study aimed to determine the relationship of caring of nurse from the aspect of implementation of interpersonal interaction and therapeutic intervention with patient satisfaction in hospital wards. It  was an analytical survey with cross sectional study approach, population  were patients  in inpatient room of Makassar hospital with a total population of 215 patients in July 2016. Sample taken in this study were 68 patients using   purposive sampling, with inclusion criteria is Adult patient (17 years and above). Interpersonal interaction is quite good but therapeutic intervention  is lower than expected, two of  this aspect have significant correlation with patient satisfaction. the results of this study indicate that more serious attention to interpersonal interaction and therapeutic intervention need to get more attention in order to improve patient satisfaction that also indicates the quality of service.


Interpersonal interaction; Therapeutic intervention; Patient; Satisfaction.

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