General Extraction, Isolation and Characterization Techniques in Drug Discovery: A Review

Andrew G. Mtewa, Serawit Deyno, Félicien M. Kasali, Amanjot Annu, Duncan C. Sesaazi


Extraction, isolation and characterization techniques of compounds from plant tissues are the basic foundations of drug discovery from plants. Research has been conducted using these techniques and publications are available on the same. However, it is important to put them together and discuss their fundamental descriptions including comparative advantages and disadvantages. The aim of this work is to provide choices in the field of drug discovery and allied research areas on the optimal techniques that can be employed. Through a basic literature review method on the techniques that are systematically employed in drug discovery from natural sources, students, researchers and project managers can make an informed choice of the techniques to employ in their projects.


Extraction; isolation; characterization; elucidation; drug discovery.

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