Effects of Insulin Resistance Induced by Dexamethasone on Bone Mass in Ovariectomized Rats

Mahmoud H. El-Bidawy


Glucocorticoids therapy is the most common cause of secondary iatrogenic osteoporosis.The bone loss occurs predominantly due to a decrease in bone formation, although increased bone resorption also occurs. Insulin resistance is the key pathology in type 2 diabetes negatively influence bone remodeling and leads to reduced bone strength. Loss of sex steroids, particularly oestradiol, as in ovariectomized rats ,leads to increased skeletal remodeling over and above the age-related increment, together with excessive osteoclast activity. In this study we injected dexamethasone in rats to induce insulin resistance and investigated the insulin resistance effects on bone mass either alone or in ovariectomized rat models for induction of osteoporosis.


Dexamethasone; Insulin resistance ; Ovariectomy; Osteoporosis.

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