Uterine Masses by MRI: Indications and Findings

Ikhlas O. Saeed


The importance of uterus is the process of reproduction and conservation of the human in the earth as well as  motherhood is the dream of every woman to give her sense of femininity and importance in this presence. The purposes of this study was to shed light on the importance of MRI and its diagnostic value for the different types of uterine masses in symptomatic patients. This study was conducted at Saudi German Hospital in the period (2015-2016). Data were retrospectively collected from 100 patients who had come to the Radiology Department from obstetrics and gynecology departments with different  symptoms,  age range (19-70) years and mean age (2.40 ) years. All patients were subjected to Magnetic Resonance Imaging.Out of 100 patient; (92) were diagnosed by MRI with different uterine masses while 8 cases showed normal result despite the presence of symptoms. Uterine fibroid (35%) was the most common pathologic findings, followed by cervical carcinoma (22%), endometrial carcinoma (14%), endometriosis (11%) and adenomyosis (10%).  Uterine fibroids (27 out of 35)patient; was more frequent among patients  in the age group of (20-49)y. Cervical carcinoma (12out of 22) cases; was more common among the  age group of (20-49)year  too. Endometrial carcinoma (7out of 14) cases was frequent  among  the age group of (>60 )year. Endometriosis and Adenomyosis were common in the age group of (20-49) year.  The study results reflect that Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an excellent method for diagnosing and evaluating uterine masses.


Cervical cancer ; Endometrial carcinoma ; Magnetic Resonance imaging ; Uterine fibroids.

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