Biophysics of Lower Back Pain

Prosper A. K. Moh, Eric K. Addison, Y. Ahmed, I. Acquah, S. Aggrey-Smith, R. E. K Bentum, B. Ntim, T. Sackey, A. N. M. Quaye, R. Owusu-Kyere, J. Adom, K. O. Acheamfour


Lower back pain is one of the most predominant problems in the general public. It has been traditionally regarded as a mechanical problem by both orthodox and complementary practitioners. This study was conducted to evaluate the lumbosacral angle which is an inherent cause of lower back pain and also investigate the shearing and compressing forces on the lumbar spine. The study was carried out at in a Hospital within the …. Metropolis. A total of 210 patients’ data consisting of 72 males and 138 females was considered. The lumbosacral angle was measured using Ferguson’s method with the MicroDicom software. Patients were grouped into ages; 0 – 20, 21 – 30, 31 – 40, 41 – 50, 51 – 60, 61 – 70, 71 – 80 and 81 – 100. The number of patients in each age group was; 7, 12, 26, 28, 56, 27, 11 and 7 respectively. The average lumbosacral angle evaluated, according to age group was; 36.3º, 39º, 35.81º, 36.23º, 36.55º, 37.5º, 35.89 º and 34.92º. The overall lumbosacral mean was determined to be 36.50º. The lumbosacral angle evaluated was used to determine the corresponding compressive and shear forces at the lumbar region which are the principal predictors of the lower back pain.


Low back pain; Lumbosacral angle.

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