A Case Study Increasing Productivity with Barcode System Utilization Approach, Designing Supporting Tools and Lighting for Re-inspection Process in Manufacturing Company

Tulus Puji Ruswanto, Hernadewita Hernadewita, Suhendris Suhendris, Mohammad Rofiudin


Quality Assurance is important  thing in the company as a way to fullfill customer requirement where the final objective is company business sustainability. Because of that reason, the Re-inspection process that it is a part of quality assurance way that be implemented in manufacturing company, must support to provide the quality data record that should be faster and accurately and also have a validity data to measure the Performance of Inspection.  It process also must optimize the all resources being used. The study be done in the manufacture company to anaylze the way to improve the reinspection process to make it high productivity and high quality product that be delivered to customer. The paper explain and deal that the QA Re-inspection process that be completed with supporting device, proper lumen lamp for lighting  which is comply with lumen standard for inspection process, automatically entry data processing with use barcode system will give impact to increasing productivity performance of the Re-Inspection process.  Supporting device be designed with utilize Auto Cad 2D and 3D software.

The design of supporting device be combined with determine dimension of the product and height of the lighting lamp as necessary needed by the inspection process. Anthopometry study of the inspector is other aspects for consideration the design. The design recording data reinspection product  to the barcode system use python programming interfacing with mini computer Raspberry pi3 , which is it will replace the manual record processing. The study produce that the supporting device can be used for product range rim 20 in – 22.5 in. Study result also can show that with the lamp Philips type TL – 5 21 watt and the luminous (lm) 1950 need minimum 4 lamp which the height set of the lamp from the floor maksimum was 240 cm and refers to comparation against standard lighting for inspection process, it  can be fullfilled by the design. Python programming for recording barcode scan with interface minicomputer Raspberry pi3 can record the data then the manual data record activity can be eliminated, the productivity increasing. Study showed with the recording data result of check in Re-inspection process with barcode system it can reduce 1 personnel that the job especially for entry data.


Auto Cad 2D and 3D; Barcode; Raspberry Pi3; Re-inspection; Anthropometry; Productivity.

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