Evaluating the Influence of Branding on Saudi Consumers’ Decisions

Hemaid Alsulami


The Consumers’ behavior depends on several factors that influence purchasing decisions. Moreover, these factors are different from country to country. This study aims to examine Saudi consumers’ purchasing behavior, to identify the impact of brand name on their purchase decisions. Brand knowledge and how consumers view brands is vital to understand because the more consumers become aware of the brand and have knowledge of its price and quality, the more they will be attracted to that brand. This study indicates that consumers are affected by a number of other factors during their purchase decisions, including: brand perception, purchase stimuli, quality of the branded products and local brands. The results show that brand name influences the consumers’ choice in the purchasing process and that consumers are influenced by the quality of a product before making the selection decision. Moreover, the results indicate that consumers are more attached to the internationally branded products than to the local branded products.


Influence; Branding; Consumer Choices; Consumer Decisions.

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