Orientation Analysis of Urban Population to Support the Amelioration of Global Climate Change Indonesia: A Comparative Study of Bandar Lampung and Bogor

Novelina Tampubolon, Ricky Avenzora, Rachmad Hermawan


As the Indonesia governmental budget, however, certainly will not be able to fully finance the improvement of global climate change, so a fund rising effort on community participative scheme can not be denied. A strategy to rise community funds widely for the ammelioration of global climate change is urgently needed to be began through a series of research which is aim at analyzing funding potential available amongs community in Indonesia. Therefore this research has been conducted in Bandar Lampung City with the aim of: 1) analyzing people's perception on climate change; 2) analyzing the value of Temperature Humidity Index (THI); and 3) analyzing the Willingness To Pay (WTP) to improve the global climate and 4) comparison analyzing of the 3 results of the above studies with similar research results by Saputra and his colleagues (2016) in Bogor city. The data were collected using a closed ended questionnaire designed with One Score One Criteria Scoring System (Avenzora, 2008), then analyzed with Kruskal Wallis and Dunn Test, THI calculation and multiple linear regression; and finally, continued with comparative analysis.The results of the study show that the public have perceived higher temperature and air humidity in Bandar Lampung City than those in Bogor City.

Similarly, THI value of Bandar Lampung City (more than 27) is also higher than the value in Bogor City (26). it means the environmental condition of Bandar Lampung City are not being comfort any more for the inhabitants. Since the WTP-values of both cities are not different significantly -- where Bandar Lampung City has WTP-value of 15620 IDR/KK/month while Bogor City just had 12413 IDR/KK/month -- therefore the estimated potential of community participation fund in Bandar Lampung City (44.01 billion IDR/year) is not just being a strong another evidence of Saputra's finding in Bogor (2016) but also become a significant data to construct a new paradigm of community-power to support the climate change amelioration globally. As Indonesia consists of 98 Cities and 416 Districts, so it can be expected that the estimated funding potential of non-government for global climate improvement in Indonesia is at least in the range of 19.86 billion IDR to 22.62 billion IDR per year. 


Climate improvement; community participation fund; One Score One Criteria Scoring System; Temperature Humidity Index (THI); Willingness To Pay (WTP).

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