The Impact of Information Technology in Accounting Systems in Kosovo

Ma. Edona Sekiraça, Nexhmie Berisha Vokshi


Introduction of information technology in accounting is one of the most important innovations. Nowadays, all types of business are helped by advanced accounting systems to manage their operations. Accounting is a key factor in any business, and being in step with advanced systems of information technology enables increased speed and accuracy of calculations, increased flexibility and file information in the accounts, as well as helping better decision making by management. The role of this information is important, not only for foreign investors or large businesses, but even for those small and medium because it provides important information about the phases of decision-making, such as planning, control and evaluation. With the advancement of information technology, especially in recent times, the opportunities increased for the development of accounting and information systems. The use of computers and different software for recording and analyzing information has enabled firms to increase productivity and accelerate the exchange of information. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to present the impact of information technology in accounting systems in Kosovo. The data was collected through the questionnaire, which contains both types of questions, open and closed questions. Data processing is done by SPSS software. According to the survey that was conducted with the employees from the accounting companies, currently in Kosovo are used different systems to process accounting information.


information systems; information technology; accounting; financial reporting; decision-making, business.

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