The Relationship of Early Feeding and the Length of Stay in Post-gastrointestinal Surgery Patients

Warsinggih Warsinggih, Nur Afiqah binti Abadi, Prihantono Prihantono


Background: The length of stay in postoperative patients are varied. Prolonged duration of treatment and rest is due to several factors, extrinsic factors such as inadequate nutrition fulfillment, surgical techniques, medications, and wound management. Meanwhile intrinsic factors consist of age, circulation disorder, pain, and comorbidities. This study aims to investigate the influence of early feeding on the length of stay in post-gastrointestinal surgery patients in Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital from January to December 2016. This research is a cross-sectional analytic approach by using secondary data from medical records. The highest number of patients with a length of stay less than nine days is at <24 hours early feeding with percentage 60% and the highest number of patients with a length of stay more than nine days is at > 48 hours nutrition intake with rate 94.1%. There was a significant relationship between initial feeding time and the length of stay in the postoperative gastrointestinal patient. The results suggest to clinicians to provide early nutrition to the patient after having gastrointestinal surgery.


Early feeding; Length of stay; Gastrointestinal; Surgery.

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