Philosophy of Nursing

Acihayati Justina Purwarini


A philosophy of science is the umbrella under which all science emerges. The views of philosophy of science, it has been argued, have influenced all attempts “to know”. Philosophy as content in nursing related to paradigm of nursing, so ontology examines the nature of nursing, person, health and illness. The philosophy will deem same ideas as correct, other as inconsistent, and some as simply wrong. While philosophy of science is not meant to be viewed as a black or white proposition, it does provide perspectives that influence some idea and thoughts and, therefore, must necessarily exclude others. Caring and compassionate into a value that is constantly present in nursing practice. Without caring and compassion, nursing care will have no meaning at all. Critical thinking in philosophy is needed to solve problem and be guide to become a professional nurse and an educator nurse.


Philosophy; Nursing; Sciences; Caring.

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