Electrochemical Measurement of Annealed and Normalized Mild Steel in the Presence of Lime of Milk Solution

Shakeel Ahmad, Dr. Ashfaq Khan, Dr. Naeem Khan


Mild steel have been widely used in production industries, particularly in engineering structure. This is because of its economical cost and easy formation. Various microstructures have a different performance with environmental effect. In this paper the electrochemical properties of various microstructure of mild steel in lime of milk solution Ca(OH)2 has reported. Different grain sizes were obtained by heat treatment, and the Jeffries Planimetric method was applied to measure the average grain diameter. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) was applied to study the surface characteristics, with addition of chemical composition by energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS). The electrochemical behavior of mild steel was investigated at ambient temperature using potentiodynamic polarization. The result shows that lower grain size has a higher corrosion resistance as compared with higher grain size.


Mild Steel; Electrochemical; grain size; surface analysis.

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