Delivery of Analeptics via Painless Transdermal Patches

Fazeeha Amjad, Kainaat Fareed, Zainab Rafique, Faryal Arshad, Mubeen Dilawar, Nawal Arooj, Romasa Naz, Pervez Anwar


Putting into service a preliminary transdermal patch on the skin, an appropriate dosage of drug can be delivered to the site of therapeutic effect within the body. This supreme delivery system is painless and more efficacious. These patches are designed by adhering analeptic compounds over them. In conjugation to these therapeutic compounds essential oils having anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antioxidant and healing properties are also used, increasing the durability of drug. Natural and synthetic polymers comprising cellulose derivatives and polyvinyl chloride respectively are significant in their designing. There are assorted categories of transdermal drugs, depending on the layers of therapeutic compounds, inclusive of single layer, bi-layer, multilayer, matrix and reservoir. Transdermal delivery has its own wondrous aptness. It enhances bioavailability of drugs eliminating the first pass effect in gastrointestinal tract. It is efficient in treating not only extraneous skin infection, but it also holds a strong curable impact on internal disorders extending from hormonal imbalance to either neurodegenerative diseases or cardiovascular diseases. Nicotine patches are prodigiously practiced treating nicotine addicts.  


Drug delivery; transdermal patches; types of transdermal drugs; applications of TDD.

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