Diagnosis and Treatment of Vestibular Migraine

Paul-Henri Cesar, Lilian E. Massihi, Helen Banh, Heidi Banh


Vestibular migraine is a disorder associated with symptoms of vertigo, imbalance or dizziness. The duration of attacks varies from seconds to days but usually lasting minutes to hours. The pathophysiology of Vestibular Migraine is not well understood, however, studies have shown a dysfunctional thalamo-cortical apparatus may play a role in the etiology. Diagnostic tests are usually normal in patients afflicted with vestibular migraine, however, they can be used to rule out other vestibular disorders. A detailed physical exam and history suggesting recurrent vestibular symptoms and a history of migraine may point to the diagnosis. Management of vestibular migraine has shown to be effective using a combination of lifestyle modifications, vestibular rehabilitation and medications. 


Vestibular Migraine; Migraine Treatment; Dizziness; Vertigo; Migraine.

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