A Proposed Clinical Decision Support System Based on Virtual Telemedicine (Case Study Iraqi Rural Areas)

Suhiar Mohammed zeki, Abdul Monem S. Rahma


The patient continues with the hospital directly leading to the hospital inflation and low efficiency and high cost of patient work.So the Solutions: Creating simple electronic environment while providing units and medical intermediate (virtual health center) between the doctor and patient. This assessment leads to pressure the cost of treatment and provide easier service and high efficiency and real time. The dominant feature of the health system in Iraq is built on the basis of treatment in public hospitals is always because the private sector hospitals are expensive and this put pressure on public hospitals and health centers, especially in rural and remote places form. In this paper, proposed set up a virtual health centers include websites, public health centers, medical clinics and linking them with instruments and smart phones by providing information of physicians and medical services provided and citizen media deadlines as well as linked to social networking sites. Citizens can choose the physician through the data and information available base, this ensures the benefit of doctors owners of rare specialties from anywhere in Iraq at any time and can be an Iraqi citizen reporter his doctor anywhere, at any time for the purpose of diagnosis through the data and information related to telephones patient base to ensure continuous communication easily and cost low.


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