Realistic Math-Based Learning Model Based on Mandailing Culture

Marzuki Ahmad, Yulia Pratiwi Siregar, Nisah Ayu Siregar, Heri Effendi


This study described the activities of teachers and pupils in Realistic Mathematics Based Learning based on Mandailing Culture (PMR-BBM) of North Sumatra. This type of research was a descriptive research. Subjects in this study were teachers who apply learning mathematics that apply PMR-BBM and Junior High School pupils of class VII-2 SMP Negeri 2 Kotanopan as 26 people. The object of this research was the activity in the learning activity. Data collection was done through observation of teachers and pupils activities. Data aanalysis of teachers and pupils’ activityies carried out in the 4 learning meetings; it found that teachers activity score was  4.41 where; it was a good category. The overall activity of pupils' activities in the 10 observed sessions reached the limits of tolerance. Thus the activities of teachers and pupils in realistic cultural-based mathematics learning were fall into the effective model.


Learning Activity; Culture; Mandailing; Realistic Math.

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