Positive Effect of Lifestyle Management Guide on Hypertension Patients

Muhasidah Muhasidah, Ningsih Jaya, Alfrida Mallo, Mu’tasima AR. M, Nuraeni Jalil


Hypertension is a risk factor for various diseases such as stroke and cardiovascular. The purpose of this study is to test the benefits of lifestyle management guidelines to regular treatment, dietary habits and physical exercise of hypertension patient. It was a quasi-experiment, subject divided into 2  groups, that is control and intervention group. Chi Square test used to examine association of lifestyle management as effect of lifestyle management guideline to the increase if knowledge and attitude about hypertension management. Result showed an increase of knowledge and attitude about regular treatment, dietary habits and physical exercise and sigficantly asscociated with lifestyle management.  Lifestyle management guideline has positive effect to lifestyle management.


Hypertension; Life Style; Management Guide.

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