The Identification Malassezia Species and Sebum Content on Seborrheic Dermatitis Patients

Fauzan Azhari M, Khairuddin Djawad, Farida Ilyas, Arifin Seweng, Rizalinda Sjahril, Safruddin Amin, Anis Irawan A


The research aimed at investigating the relationship between Malassezia species and sebum content on the seborrheic dermatitis patients. The research was conducted in Makassar City from July to September 2017. The research used the analytic observational method with the cross sectional design. Samples were the seborrheic dermatitis patients who fulfilled the criteria in Makassar City. Skuama was taken from 48 samples on the seborrheic dermatitis lesions, and the examination of KOH, culture and sebumeter were conducted. The research result of 48 patients samples, as many as 9 samples (18,8%) indicate  the positive KOH and culture examinations, as many as 39 samples (81.2%) indicate  the negative KOH and culture examinations. There is no compatibility of the sebum content examination between the positive and negative culture examinations.


KOH; culture; Malassezia; sebumeter.

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