Economic Age of Boilers of Oil Palms (Elais) Factory of North Sumatra, Indonesia

Ninny Siregar, Haniza Haniza


Maintenance management of machinery in factory depends on the calculation of their economic usage. The purpose of this study was to determine the economic life of boilers in the Government Plantation Enterprises (PTPN II) North Sumatra Province. As a consideration for the replacement of boiler engines in the Government Plantation Enterprises (PTPN II) Tanjung Garbus Pagar Merbau, the research for determining the economic age was carried out. The engineering and forecasting economics average annual cost and cost forecasting for the next few years were conducted. In the Government Plantation Enterprises (PTPN II) for Elais (oil palms) Tanjung Garbus Pagar Merbau had been found a problem such. There is no determination to calculate the economic life of machine. This calculation is focused on the boiler engine. The data show that the average annual cost, the most economical life of the boiler is around 10 years, i.e  in 2005, where the minimum annual cost of boiler is the minimum of IDR. 984.805.587. This average annual cost is obtained after forecasting costs, i.e operating costs and down time costs calculation of capital recovery. With the knowledge of the boiler's economic life, it is better for the company to consider replacing the boiler.


Economic age; boilers; forecasting; cost.

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