The Study of Institutional Agricultural Development in Case of Village Enterprises Business Group

Muh. Arifin Fattah, Didi Rukmana, Baharuddin Baharuddin, Imam Muhajid Fahmid


Village enterprises business or called Bumdes  is one of the institutional structure formed by government of Bantaeng Regency to improve the prosperity of society and encourage the development of horticultural crop agribusiness. Bumdes is engaged in the business of providing facilities to the marketing of farmers’ products. Bumdes provides guarantee of production facilities and marketing guarantee farmers, so that farmers can produce maximum production and certainty of prices received by farmers can be profitable. Problems arise in the management of Bumdes are; low of members awareness; availability of limited business capital; and increasingly tight competition. It needs a strategy for Bumdes better future.


institutional; bumdes; business competition; business capital.

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