Analysis of Relationship Between Habits of Gorontalo Community Food Consumption with Hypertension

Herlina Jusuf, Sitti Rahma, Edwina R Monayo


Hypertension is also called silent killer, because hypertension can kill someone suddenly without known the symptoms first. Hypertension is a risk factor of cardiovascular disease, especially coronary heart disease. The habit of Gorontalo people consuming grilled, fatty and salty foods can due to cardiovascular heart disease. This study aims to analyze the relationship of habitual behavior of Gorontalo people in consuming sweet, fatty, baked, spicy, seasoned and salted food with the incidence of hypertension. This research used analytic survey method. The time approach used is cross sectional. The population in this study were all patients who visited the internal and heart polyclinics of RSUD Aloe Saboe, RSUD MM Dunda, and RSUD Toto Kabila with a sample of 360 people with accidental sampling technique. Data were collected by using observation sheet and analyzed by Chi Square test. The results showed that female respondents more suffering from hypertension as many as 145 people than men. The age range of 46 - 60 years more hypertension as much as 196 than the age range 25 - 45 years. There is a significant relationship between the habitual behavior of salt food with p-Value (0.000), fat foods with p-Value  (0,043), grilled foods with p-Value (0.000) and seasoning foods with p-Value (0.000) with the incidence of hypertension in Province of Gorontalo Indonesia. It is suggested to the public to better control the bad eating habits that can cause hypertension.


food consumption habit; Gorontalo people; metabolic syndrome.

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