FTIR Combined with Chemometrics for Fast Simultaneous Determination of Penicillin and Cephalexin in Pharmaceutical Tablets

Xuân Thanh Bui, Thi Kim Thuong Nguyen, Thi Huyen Doan, Si Hung Le, Thi Thao Ta


In this research, the potential of combining chemometrics with FTIR techniques to provide a rapid and simultaneous quantitative analyses method for determination penicillin, cephalexin is studied. Unlike other methods, FTIR is considered as a time saving method due to its non-destructive and simple sample preparation. Due to the similarity of infrared spectral, PLS and PCR couples with spectral treatment techniques are applied to make the calibration model for penicillin and cephalexin determination at the same time. The result is also validated in term of RMSEP and R2 value using validation set. The FTIR combined with PLS method shows the best results.


Chemometrics; FTIR method; penicillin; cephalexin.

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