Comparison of Body Dimension of Bali Polled and Horned Cattle in South Sulawesi

Zulkharnaim Zulkharnaim, Sudirman Baco, Muhammad Yusuf, Lellah Rahim


The objective of this study was to know the differences of body dimension of Bali polled and horned cattle. A total of 100 samples of Bali cattle were used in the present study; including 11 Bali polled cattle and 89 Bali horned cattle. Measurement of body dimension were performed using a stick for withers height, hip height, and body length, while for chest girth was using measuring tape, and for body weight was using weight scales. The results of this study showed that mean value of withers height of the male Bali polled cattle was 108.80±3.70 cm while the Bali horned cattle was 105.76±3.81 cm. For the female Bali polled and horned cattle, the withers height were 107.67±4.68 cm and 109.96±2.99 cm, respectively. The mean value of hip height of the male polled cattle was 108.40±3.44 cm while the horned was 105.09±3.60 cm, and the female horned cattle was 108.79±2.71 cm, while the polled cattle was 108.00±3.23 cm. The mean value of body length the male polled cattle was 105.80±4.15 cm and longer than the male horned cattle (102.81±6.47 cm), and the female horned cattle was 108.04±5.35 cm while the polled cattle was 107.50±9.99 cm. The mean value of chest girth the male polled cattle was 136.40±10.99 cm and longer than horned cattle (132.19±6.39 cm), and the female horned cattle was 137.72±7.51 cm and longer than polled cattle (136.67±8.85 cm). The mean value of body length of  male polled was 158.8±14.75 cm, while the horned cattle was 148.19±20.44cm, and the female polled cattle was lighter than horned cattle. The polled cattle (female) was 155.33±34.68 cm while horned cattle 161.92±19.58 cm. It can be concluded that no difference of body dimension measurements between Bali polled and horned cattle.


Bali polled cattle; beef cattle; body dimension; South Sulawesi; Comparison.

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