Quality of Life of HIV-Infected Women in Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia

Siska Evi Martina, Sunanta Thongpat, Pornruedee Nitirat


In Indonesia the number of HIV infected women is increasing dramtically. Knowing the quality of life in HIV infected women could be optimized the care for those women.  A cross-sectional study was conducted to assess the quality of life of HIV infected women those attending the community HIV clinic in Medan, Indonesia. Data were collected from 111 HIV infected women during July to September 2014 by WHOQOL (Bref) questionnaire. The study found that 55 % of HIV infected women in Medan, Indonesia were reported a good quality of life, especially in the physical domain. The highest mean score of quality of life was in physical domain (14.12) with 75.70 % of participants reported a good quality of life, followed by environmental domain (13.57) with 68.50 % of participants reported a good quality of life. The lowest mean score was in social domain (11.50) with more than half of participants (55%) reported a poor quality of life. Therefore, health care provider should be provide social support to improve quality of life among HIV infected women especially in social domain. 


Quality of life; HIV Infected women.

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