Antimicrobial Activity of Ananas comosus Fruit Extract Against Some Pathogenic Bacteria

Ali Hassoon Hammadi, Zeena G. Faisal


The present study investigates the use of agar well diffusion method and the inhibitory effect of Ananas comosus fruit extract on two gram- negative  bacteria(  Klebsella spp., Salmonella typhi) and one gram- positive bacteria  (Staphlococcus epidermidis). The results showed that extract of Ananas comosus in concentrations  2.5% , 5%, 7.5%, 10% mg / ml , have significant inhibitory effect against bacterial species used in the study. It was indicated  that there is a positive relationship between the concentrations of aqueous extract and bacterial sensitivity, whereas the extract is less active against gram positive bacteria as compared with gram negative bacteria. 


Ananas comosus; pathogenic bacteria; Antimicrobial Activity.

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