Persistence and Phytotoxicity of Pendimethalin Herbicide in Soils of the Aceh Province, Indonesia

Baidhawi Baidhawi


Field studies were undertaken to evaluate the residual phytotoxicity and persistence  of pendimethalin herbicide. The doses o pendimethalin 0.4, 0.8 and 1.2 µg. g-1 dry weight of soil were applied to pots containing soils from site of Bireun, Lhoksukon, and Bener Meriah (Aceh Province, Indonesia). Residual phytotoxicity and chemical persistence at 30, 60 and 90 days after treatment (DAT) were studied by water melon bioassay and gas chromatography. Residual phytotoxicity values obtained at all time and up to a maximum of 120  DAT followed the order Bener Meriah>Lhoksukon>Bireun. A highly negative (P<.01) correlation between the percentage of pendimethalin mass chemically recovered and its residual phytotoxicity at every comparable sampling time, for doses ranging from 0.8 µg.g-1  to 1.2 µg. g-1 dry soil weight was obtained. Residual phytotoxicity and chemical persistence in relation to physicochemical properties of soils.


persistence; residual; phytotoxicity; pendimethalin; soil.

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