Nutrient and Phytochemical of Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum graecum) Seeds

Methaq Nazhan Mahmood, Isra Khald Yahya


The aqueous extract and alcoholic extract were used for analyzing the  main phytochemical , nutrient and active groups composition of  fenugreek seeds powder (Trigonella foenum graecum).The preliminary tests of active groups in extracts were carried out. It appeared to contain (alkaloids , flavonoids , steroids , carbohydrates, trepenes , tannins , saponins , glycosides , free amino acid , crude protein and phenolic compounds ) . The extracts were different in  their content of active groups quantitatively and qualitatively . The amount of moisture and crude fiber , total ash , total oil , concentration of crude protein , carbohydrate , nitrogen content and caloric value on a dry weight basis , were found to be (6.833±0.531) humidity ,solid material (93.166±0.531) , crude fiber (17.0±0.2) , the percentage of total ash were (3.566±0.478) , the percentage of total oil (7.15±0.25) ,concentration of crude protein (28.45±0.15) , while the concentration of carbohydrates (1340±0.029 mg/100g) , and the caloric value for fenugreek seeds powder is (5544.9) kcal/100g. The quantitative content of (alkaloids , flavonoids , steroids , tannins , free amino acid , saponins ) were estimated. The results indicated that the percentage alkaloids (1.8±0.1%) , percentage of flavonoids was (12.135±0.465%) , while the concentration of steroids (214±0.024 mg/100g ) , tannin concentration (63.69±1.67 mg/100g) , and amino acid concentration (70±0.064 mg/100g) , and percentage of saponine was (25.65±0.69%) . The present study showed that fenugreek seeds is a very rich energy and antioxidant .So that is very important to be entered the system of human nutrition , are economic nutritional source can be used as human food supplement, which contains important amounts of carbohydrates, protein, fat and amino acids. 


fenugreek seeds; Active compounds; Nutritive.

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