Frequency of Exophoria among the Convergence Insufficiency Patients

Sidra Sarwat


The purpose of my study was to find the frequency of exophoria among the patients of convergence insufficiency in out-patient ophthalmology department at Benazir Bhutto Hospital RWP during the period of 3 months and to prescribe them orthoptic exercises or prisms. It was a cross sectional, descriptive study and consecutive sampling was used to collect sample of 100 patients. Data was entered and analysed using SPSS v-22. The continuous variable was analysed as Mean SD and Median, and categorical variable as Frequency. Simple Bar charts and Histograms were used to display the data. Patients were evaluated for convergence insufficiency along with exophoria at near. After examination, clinical signs of convergence insufficiency were noted with RAF ruler, exophoria was evaluated with routine orthoptic assessment & orthoptic exercises were prescribed to patients. Results of my study showed that exophoria is present in 64% of convergence insufficiency patients predominantly affecting the females than males. The Mean age and SD of the patients was 17.3±7.44.  The Median age was found to be 15.3 years. Among the 100 convergence insufficiency patients 64 patients were having near exophoria greater than distance exophoria while 36 patients had no near exophoria or less than distance exophoria. Occurrence of strabismus was greater in females (57.8%) than in males (42.2%). Exophoria is present in 54.7 % among the children while percentage is 45.3 % in adults, this shows that there is not much difference between the percentages among children and adults. This study showed that exophoria is the most common sign among convergence insufficiency patients. Orthoptic exercises are the cheapest and easiest solution of this problem.


Strabismus; Convergence insufficiency Exophoria; Orthoptic assessment.

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