Impact of the Structural Forms of Diaphragm Spring Beginning on Dynamic Durability of Diaphragm Springs of Vehicle Clutches

Petar Simonovski, Nikola Avramov, Simeon Simeonov, Sasko Milev, Zlatko Sovreski


Friction clutche is mechanism placed between the engine and the gearbox of the cars and is used to transfer torque from the engine of the vehicles to the transmission. The needed strength of the pressure between the friction surfaces is provided with crunches bandage springs or diaphragm springs.The depletion of the lining of the friction drive comes to a reduction in pressing force of crunch bandage springs and thus to reduce torque. Diaphragm springs are exposed to complex dynamic loads and it is necessary to make a proper selection of the parameters. In this researching it will be considered only one of the structural factors, the diaphragm spring fingers beginning. This paper provides an analysis of a possible response to this kind of challenges. The focus is pertinent to the analytical and experimental analysis. The impact of the analyzed constructive forms of diaphragm spring fingers beginning on stress and the stress of the diaphragm-spring are assessed through a finite element method and experimental tests. It is derived conclusion about the stress progression for different time steps depending on the form of the diaphragm spring fingers beginning. 


Diaphragm spring; Stress distribution; Diaphragm spring beginning; Vehicle clutch.

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