Uncovering a Regulatory Switch Controlling Tomato Fruit Ripening

Pelin Akin, Yüksel Terzi


AP2 is a major regulator of tomato fruit ripening and in the fruit pericarp, AP2a regulates the expression of CNR in a negative attitude [7]. Levels of CNR and AP2 gene expression in Wild-type tomato and Mutant type tomato were compared in order to investigate the mechanism of ethylene action [1]. This study is explained the relationship with types (Rin, Nor, Mutant and Wild) and time (breakpoints) for AP2 and CNR levels. The linear model and weighted least square model are created with the type and time variables for these levels. It was found that, AP2 level is not affected by time point. However, CNR level can be changed with type and time points. 


Linear Model; Tomato fruit ripening; Weighted Least Squares.

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