Effectiveness of Community Extension Program and Services at NV9 Iba O Este, Calumpit, Bulacan

Consorcia F. Figueroa


The study was an attempt to determine the effectiveness of community extension programs and services at NV9, Iba Oeste, Calumpit, Bulacan. It also sought to define the significant changes contributed by the University Community extension program and services to the lives of the family- beneficiaries, and their recommendations for the improvement of the same. The descriptive type of research was utilized through the administration of a locally-constructed questionnaire. Data were tabulated, frequency counts, mean scores and percentages were employed to measure the phenomenon under study. Results revealed that overall, beneficiaries perceived both health services-related and education-related programs as highly effective, while institutional development and capacity building-related activities and social services as effective. Family-beneficiaries are of a consensus that the community extension program and services should be continued in as much as they greatly benefited from them.


community extension; extension program; services; beneficiaries.

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