Study the Therapeutic Effect of Camal Milk on Liver Toxicity Experimentally Developed in White Mice Mus musculus

Asst. Teacher Zinah I. Khaleel, Ahmed H. Ahmed, Reham H. Thamer


This study aimed to investigate the effect of Carbon tetrachloride CCl4 and Camel Milk on histological changes of liver. It was used only (16) mouse . to study the effect of Carbon tetrachloride CCl4 and Camel Milk on changes. The mouse were randomly divided into equal groups as follows. First group was It was narrated orally with 0.1 ml, normal saline. This group was considered as control group .The second group was It was narrated orally with( 0.1 ml) Carbon tetrachloride CCl4 of body weight for . The third group and fourth group It was orally given (0.5 , 1) ml dose respectively of Camel milk for (3 weeks), After treatment with Carbon tetrachloride CCl4 For five days. There was clear effect for Carbon tetrachloride CCl4 on liver, it was caused infiltrative cells presented by lymphocytes and phagocyte, liver cells defect; like edema, necrosis and haemolysis in liver cells, it was found catalytic effect in treated group with Carbon tetrachloride CCl4 and Camel milk liver, It appeared in normal appearance and like the control group. It showed catalytic effect in treated groups with Carbon tetrachloride CCl4 and Camel milk , and little negative in the liver .


Carbon tetrachloride; Camel Milk; histological changes; liver cells.

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