Evaluation of Implementation of Curriculum 2013, In Public Senior High School 7 Binjai, North Sumatera

Berthon Oktora Nababan, Yasaratodo Wau, Sukarman Purba


This study aims to find out the implementation of the curriculum 2013 by teachers in Public Senior High School (SMA Negeri) 7 Binjai. The evaluation of the implementation of the curriculum 2013 is based on Regulation of Minister of Education and Culture (Permendikbud) no. 159 year 2014 on evaluation of curriculum 2013. Evaluation of curriculum 2013 implementation is done by seeing the suitability of curriculum document with its implementation in SMA Negeri 7 Binjai. The type of research used is evaluative research with Stake's Countenance model. Research subjects are teachers of SMA Negeri 7 Binjai. The results of data collected and then processed with the scheme of data processing evaluation of Stake's Countenance Model. The results showed that 48.28% of teachers who understand the curriculum of 2013 well, as many as 60.42% of teachers able to prepare the lesson planning documents (RPP) as appropriate, as much as 31.25% has implemented the learning curriculum 2013 well and as many as 55, 17% of teachers have performed an authentic assessment well. The results of this data processor show the existence of discrepancies and gaps in each stage of the implementation of the curriculum 2013. The existence of these discrepancies and gaps will be given consideration in the form of advice and input for future improvement. Based on the results of the research it is necessary to be given training through the workshop and participate in the teacher community such as MGMP (Meeting Subject Teachers)/ KKG (Teachers Group) for the realization of optimum implementation the curriculum 2013.


evaluation; implementation; curriculum 2013; stake's countenance; evaluation model.

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