Leptin is Not Associate with Maternal Fat Mass on the Third Trimester of Pregnancy


Leptin was initial known as adipocyte product link to the obese gene. Pregnancy is a physiologic leptin resistance state. The placenta is reported to synthesize and release leptin too. This study is to observe the association between maternal serum leptin with maternal body fat mass on the third trimester of pregnancy. Leptin was measured by ELISA from the serum of maternal on median pregnancy age 30 weeks. Maternal body fat mass was measured by bioelectrical impedance analyzing (BIA) methods.

The mean of maternal fat mass is, M= 20,1 kg, SD= 5,2, minimum 10,6 kg and maximum 35,3 kg. Leptin, M= 46,9 gr/L, SD= 32,6, minimum 5,8 gr/L and maximum 146,7 gr/L. Univariate analysis showed, in third trimester of pregnancy, maternal serum leptin could not predict the maternal fat mass appropriately, SS 14,007, MS 4,67, F (3, 66) = 0,17, p 0,92, partial ?2 0,01. This current study shows, leptin level is higher during the third trimester of pregnancy and not associate with maternal fat mass. In the third trimester of pregnancy, maternal serum leptin could not predict the maternal fat mass precisely.


pregnancy; leptin; fat mass; placenta.

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