The Impacts of Lack of Total Quality Management on Local Construction Companies in Liberia

Ahmed Denton


Many local construction companies in Liberia are faced with serious challenges when it comes to delivering projects per the required scope, budget and time frame due to lack of efficient management implementation. To find the solutions to the problems faced by local construction companies in Liberia, it was established that most of the impacts derived from lack of quality management. Therefore, this thesis will focus on identifying the impacts of lack of Total Quality Management; the causes of these impacts using root cause analysis; and finding mitigation measures and strategies by implementing Total Quality Management principles. Total Quality Management (TQM) is an integrated organizational effort designed to improve quality at every level of an organization. This means that the organization needs to make quality a priority by putting customer needs first. Sample survey will be conducted using questionnaires and available statistical data to collect all needed information for this thesis. Statistical data collected will be analyzed in tabular and graphical format. The outcome of this thesis will benefit the local construction companies in Liberia by helping them to improve their businesses through maintaining qualified staffs, obtaining long lasting life span (company existence), by developing good customer services and relationship, by increasing profit through cost savings on zero non-compliance (re-work and retention fees), and to deliver projects within the required scope and schedule.


Total quality management; Local construction companies; Impacts.

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