Impact of Surface Irrigation on the Intensity of Irrigation Erosion

I. Kruashvili, I. Inashvili, K. Bziava, M. Lomishvili


Nowadays, in the world preference is given to the method of surface furrow irrigation. When using this method, compliance with the ecological balance of the environment and obtaining a designed crop yield are complicated, if the irrigation water is not regulated with taking into account an additional factors. Particularly, Irrigation should be carried out in such a way that there would not be a "transfer" of the surface flow, seepage of water deeper than the moisturizing designed project layer, etc., i.e. compliance with irrigation rates and hydromodule values should be realized, taking into consideration the surface and seepage-infiltration losses. In the given article, among the received equations for calculation of irrigation rate, the irrigation rate is directly proportional to the volume of water supplied and depends on the length of the stream, i.e. the length of the strip of irrigation furrow, and physical and mechanical properties of soil.


surface irrigation; irrigation erosion; irrigation rate; seepage; infiltration.

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