The System of Management Accounting and Cost Optimization in Order to Improve the Financial Result

Igor Zdravkoski, Pece Nikolovski, Sanja Vezenkoska, Veronija Nolcheska, Marina Blazhekovich, Marija Kimovska


If we want better and more effective management and organization of enterprises it is necessary to have an organized management accounting. Normally this accounting is part of the accounting information system of a business entity. Accounting information system includes a number of accounting subsystems. But management accounting, or, managerial accounting has its own special features. In fact, its purpose is to provide financial and non-financial data for managers, and other internal and external stakeholders. Managerial accounting is in constant correlation with financial accounting and cost accounting. Hence, it can be confirmed that in the reports of management accounting, the data are intertwined from more accounting aspects. 


Accounting; management; planning; cost, result.

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