Lapin Evaluation Parameters for the Prototype Experimental Stealth Bacterins Prepared from Human Uropathgens

Ibrahim Shnawa, Qasim Thwaini


A prototype experimental stealth bacterins were developed from human uro-pathogens are going to evaluated both at the in-vitro and in-vivo levels. The immune features were explored for the antigenic relationships between a stealth bacterins for the human uro-pathogen surface agglutino-gens to that of intact forms of the same species and how they are different in the different species . For this purpose the elected uro-pathogens were E. coli and S.aureus. Bacterins were prepared both from the stealth and the intact forms of the same species. lapin immune system are being elected for the simulation of human immune system .Immunization and hyper-immunization protocols were applied. Agglutination, cross-agglutination and reciprocal cross-agglutinin absorption were performed for the same species .It was evident that the share antigenic epitopes of the studied stealth and intact bacterins were; Surface located, in-common, particulate ,agglutino-genic , with an apparent quantitative rather qualitative differences. Sunflower oil combined bacterins augment stealth pathogen bacterins immune responses of up to eight to ten folds than without the oil combinations .The stealth bacterins were found safe, antigenic and immunogenic in a lapin model.


Agglutinogen; Agglutinin; Bacterin ;Stealth;Pathogen .

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