Review on Fish Identification Tools and Their Importance in Biodiversity and Fisheries Assessments

Adil Sidahmed Omer


The present review provides  an appraisal  of existing, state-of-the-art fish identification (ID) tools and shows their  potential  for  providing  the  right  solution  in different  real-life  situations. The  ID  tools  reviewed  are:  Use  of  scientific  experts  (taxonomists)  and  folk local experts,  taxonomic  reference  collections,  image recognition systems,  field guides  based  on  dichotomous keys;  interactive  electronic  keys  (e.g. IPOFIS), morphometrics (e.g. IPez), scale and otolith  morphology, genetic methods  (Single nucleotide  polymorphisms [SNPs] and Barcode [BOL]) and Hydroacoustics. It is expected that it will help fisheries biologists, environmental administrators and other end users to select the best available species identification tools for their own purposes.


identification; tools; fisheries; experts; species.

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