Challenges Faced by Women Head Teachers in Public Primary Schools in Mbooni East District, Makueni County

Domitilla Mwanzia


The general objective of this thesis was to investigate the challenges faced by women head teachers in public primary schools in Mbooni East District and suggest remedial measures to the challenges. This district is located in an arid and semi-arid region of Makueni County and has a total of 55 public primary schools. The participants of the study were a total of 24 head teachers and deputy head teachers, 8 members of the community (SMC/PTA) and one District Staffing Officer. The total sampled population was 33 participants. Two types of research instruments were used namely; questionnaires and interview schedules. The objectives of the study were to establish the ratio of head teachers per gender, identify the personal challenges faced by women head teachers and identify the external challenges faced by women head teachers in Mbooni East district. Stratified random sampling was used to select the respondents from the targeted population. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics where SPSS program (integrated student version for windows) was used. The study established the ratio of women head teachers to that of men was 1:6, the community was gender irresponsive, limited resources, negative attitudes of the society, reluctance in applying for the posts, disrespect and stereotyping by male counterparts, lack of role models, dealing with difficult teachers and SMC members as well as home-work conflicts. The report recommended that the government implements the new constitution on the gender policy, TSC to give equal priorities to all gender, strengthen INSETS, workshops and seminars to prepare teachers and newly appointed heads and deputy head teachers for administration and management and ensure good gender staffing.

Recommendations for further research include an investigation into the number of female teachers who qualify for position of headship in accordance to the laid down policy and exploration of the reasons why they have not sought for the posts and if they have, what has hindered them; research on women perceptions of school leadership and a replication of the study on the challenges faced by women head teachers in public primary schools in Mbooni East district.


Women Head Teachers; Public Primary Schools; Personal Challenges; External Challenges; Initial Skepticism.

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