A Comparison between Turkish Occupational Health and Safety Act and OSH Act in Terms of Employee Rights and Liabilities

?kbal Erba?


Usually forming basic occupational health and safety standards, defining the rights and liabilities of participants is a difficult process in construction sector. This study aims to draw attention to employees` rights and liabilities in terms of ensuring occupational health and safety in Turkey. For this purpose, in the scope of the study, main deficiencies related to the employees` rights and liabilities in Turkish Occupational Health and Safety Law were identified. Also for detecting the main deficiencies, a comparision enviroment is provided between the Turkish Occupational Health and Safety Law and OSH Act as an example for the protection of employees` rights in USA. As a result of this comparision, it is found out that basic deficiencies in the Turkish Occupational Health and Safety Law are insufficiency of the employees` right to speak and insufficiency of the employees` encouragement in terms of stating their complaints with regards to occupational health and safety.


Occupational Safety; Employee Rights; Turkish Occupational Health and Safety Law; OSH Act; OSHA.

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Turkish Occupational Health and Safety Law Number: 6331 (OHS Law), Acceptance Date: 20.06.2012.


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