Determinants Factors Affecting the Availability of Data Set Priorities in the Department of Health (Study in Four Districts in Papua)

Aaron Rumainum, A. L. Rantetampang, A. Zainuri


Data and information to be important in the era of good governance, in which the performance-based budgeting requires that the money that is required to produce a certain performance targets. The performance evaluation of its success cannot be measured when there is no data, or data that is incomplete or incorrect, or not on time thus impeding progress in terms of health services. The inability to create profiles through the provision of data sets priority districts / cities is a picture of the ignorance of the district / city against environmental conditions. The objective of this study is to know the determinants that affect the availability of Data Set Priority on the district health department / town in the province of Papua. This descriptive research type with chi square analysis techniques. The study was conducted in October 2016-January 2017 in four District Health Office (Merauke, Paniai, Sarmi, Biak Noemfoor). The population of as many as 78 people with a sample of 55 people who have met the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The study shows the factors that do not affect the availability of data sets priorities, namely the means (?-value = 0.710; RP = 1.625; CI95% = 0.303 to 8.704), rewards (?-value = 0.703; RP = 7.555; CI95% = 0.166 - 3.430), and SOP (?-value = 0.661; RP = 1,357; CI95% = 0.237 to 7.784). Factors that affect the availability of data sets priorities, namely supervision (?-value = 0.000; RP = 2,000; CI95% = 1.290 to 3.100), and the support boss (?-value = 0.000; RP = 3.000; CI95% = 1.467 to 6.137).


Determinants; Availability Data Set Priority.

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