Home Environment Determinants Factors in Patients with Pulmonary Tb Recurrence in Hospital Merauke

Yunus O Ayamiseba, Bernard Sandjaja, Basa T Rumahorbo


Pulmonary TB is a disease determinant of population and environmental factors. population, encompassing gender, age, nutritional status, socio-economic conditions. Whereas environmental factors include density, floor of the house, ventilation, lighting, humidity. The purpose of this study is to identify the determinant factors in the home environment of patients with pulmonary TB recurrence in hospitals Merauke. Survey method with cross sectional analytic study population in this study that all patients hospitalized of TB recurrence in hospitals in the district of Merauke in 2016. Sampling was conducted with a total sampling technique with a number of 206 respondents. Sources of primary data obtained from questionnaires and secondary data from hospitals in Merauke. Data analysis using chi-square test. The results showed that the most dominant variables have a relationship with relapse TB patients compared with other variable is the type of flooring, type of walls and lighting. To improve service not only seen from the treatment of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in both active and passive in the field of health services with the direct involvement of health care providers to monitor.


recurrence of pulmonary tuberculosis.

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