The Influence of Organizational Culture and Personal Ability toward the Performances of the Kindergarten Principals in Medan City

Nasriah Nasriah, Sri Milfayetty, Harun Sitompul


A headmaster is an educational leader, who has a very important role in developing the quality of education, but in fact the result of Faridas research found that there are some problem faced by the head master of early childhood education program, firstly the leadership style looks like less assertive, then the working environment is less conducive, and the leader has lack commitments in implementing the tasks. Empirically, Suhartini states that the managerial indicated capabilities still not been able yet to direct, guide, and supervise the teachers in performing their duties, the qualification and the competence of educators do not correspond to the needs of the early childhood education institution, low commitment of educators in doing their duty, leadership institute early childhood education are less relevant to leadership paradigm today, the formation of a working environment institutions that are less conducive, based on this issue, then the novelty targeted after getting the results of this study suggested to policy makers boss to improve the qualifications and competence of the head in managing educational institutions as well as to determine whether there is a direct influence of organizational culture and personal abilities to the performance of the head of the kindergarten Medan. The research method used is the survey method. This method aims to explain the causal relationships and to test the study population. The study of population was head of the kindergarten both private and public institution in Medan city. The population was 357 persons located in 21 districts.

The number of sample are 188 persons as the head of the kindergarten. Sampling was done by proportional random sampling technique. Collecting data using closed questionnaire with Likerts scale. The research data were processed and analyzed with path analysis (path analysis). Plan proposed activity: 1) the proposal that has been presented in the seminar and was repaired later to test the questionnaire for the three variables to the 30 heads of kindergartens Medan, 2) questionnaire test that is collected to test the validity and reliability, 3) conduct research to 188 head kindergartens in the city of Medan (21 sub-district), 4) after the data is collected perform engineering data analyst, writing a dissertation chapters IV and V, 5) research seminar, 6) after having the seminar research, sending scientific papers to international journals and test phase I, 7) after the repair test phase I to phase II tests, their scientific publications in international journals, textbooks, model and make the paper for a national seminar, after graduating S3 actively researching, writing journals national and international levels. So the results of this study yield Organizational culture provides direct effect (0.319) were significant to the performance of the head of kindergarten in the city of Medan, as well as personal abilities also give direct effect (0.190) were significant to the performance of the head of kindergarten in Medan city.


Organizational Culture; Personal Ability and Performance.

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