Road Toll?ng in Zambia: A Literature Review

Collins Mudenda


Zambia is a land-locked country with desire to develop infrastructure to link it with its neighbors. Zambia is reasonably a vast country with a land area of about 752,000km2 and a classified road network totaling about 67,670km most of which is in a poor state. The country is further constrained by high costs of transport estimated to add up to 40% of the cost of the final product. Therefore, the government of Zambia enacted an Act of Parliament to authorize the Road Development Agency collect tolls on selected highways. The first gates are located at Kafulafuta on the Ndola-Kapiri road with the second set located at Manyumbi on the Kapiri-Kabwe road while the rest are under construction. Consequently, the researcher undertook to assess the action by government in relation to theoretical constructs of road tolling.


road; toll; act; public; private.

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