Uptake of Nutrients N, P, K Seaweed of Kappaphycus alvarezii (Doty) Were Cultivated in Media with Different Concentrations of BAP

Rustam Rustam, Rajuddin Syamsuddin, Eddy Soekandarsih, Dody Dh Trijuno


The results showed that in the first period the cultivation, the highest uptake of T-N (0.132 0.06 ppm g-1d-1) was observed in concentration of 3.0 ppm and not significantly different from other treatments. Highest uptake of T-P (0.143 0.04 ppm g-1d-1) was detected in a concentration of 2.0 ppm and significantly different from the control treatment and a concentration of 4.0 ppm. The highest K+ (3.05 0.91 ppm g-1d-1) uptake was observed in the treatment of 3.0 ppm which significantly different from the control treatment and a concentration of 1.0 ppm. In the second period the cultivation, the highest uptake of T-N (0.19 0.07 ppm g-1d-1) was obtained in the treatment concentration of 2.0 ppm and not significantly different from other treatments. The highest uptake of T-P (0.18 0.05 ppm g-1d-1) was observed at a concentration of 2.0 ppm and significantly different from the control treatment and a concentration of 4.0 ppm. Meanwhile, the highest uptake of K+ (3.08 1.14 ppm g-1d-1) was found in the treatment of 3.0 ppm which significantly different from other treatments.


Concentration; 6-benzylaminopurine; K. alvarezii: nitrogen uptake Phosphor and potassium.

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